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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

EP 65: I Vote for Socks!

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Needle Comparison Notes:
Us 4 knitpicks 
Bendy cable
Decent point
Nice & slick
No join problems

Us 4 Sigs 
Most flexible cable
Pointiest tips
Slicker & lighter needle tips  versus kp
Smooth join
Coldest needle along with kp

Us 4 karbonz 
Cable similar to knitpicks, tad stiffer
Tip point similar to kp
Lightest, lighter than Sigs
One side join smoother than other side
Not overly slick

Us 3 hiya hiya (reg not sharps) 
Slightly blunter tips than kp
Very bendy cable. 2nd only to Sigs.
Light. Maybe lighter than Sigs.
Smooth but not overly slick

Us 3 Chiagoo red cable (not lace) 
Stiffest cable
Smooth join
Tip point similar to kp & hiya hiya
Needle heavier than hiya hiya but lighter than kp
Slick but not overly so

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