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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

EP 34: Spinning Our Wheels.

FO's: -Preemie hats for Remembering Remy 95 day KAL.

Works In Progress:
 -Lacy Baktus in Highland Handmades handspun in the Old Appliances colorway.
-Thuja sock (green & gray pair).

-Polwarth from All Spun Up.
-Polwarth/Silk from Woolgatherings.
-Brown Merino from Woolgatherings.
-SW Merino from Enchanted Knoll (Darren).

*April Sock KAL. KAL will go from April 1st-April 30th. Check out the KAL chatter thread.
-Aimee will be knitting the Harvest Dew socks.
-Darren will be knitting the Crocodile Rock socks.

-Project bag from Tangerine Designs.
-Socks that Rock yarn.
-Fibernymph Dyeworks Leprechaun socks in the Bounce base.
 -Loops batts.

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At March 27, 2012 at 6:33 PM, Blogger Tas said...

For the love of PETE! Don't tink back if you accidentally slipped a stitch instead of knitting it. If you look behind the slipped stitch, you should see a loose little blip of yarn. (you left it there when you knit the stitch after the slipped one. It will look a bit like a purl bump but will be loose). you can just pick that up with the left needle so that it is closer to the tip than the slipped stitch. Then just pick up the slipped stitch with the right needle (going in the front from right to left) and pull it over the spare loop and off the needle--in other words, knit it! if it ends up on the right needle (depending on how you did it) move it back to the left and keep going.


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